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By being your trusted technology advisors, we are ready to design, implement, and service a reliable internal network to keep your business connected
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Custom Tailored Solutions

Not every building is the same, not every requirement is the same.
Our team has designed and implemented network infrastructure for businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Hotels, Automotive Dealers, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Insurance Agencies, and More!


Walk through and review what type of coverage is needed, layouts of the floorplan, types of materials we will need the signal to penetrate


Buildout of a heatmap and device location layout in order to verify coverage in all required zones. Review what is necessary to start, and what may be needed in the future based on growth and technology


Work with our vendors to ensure the right equipment is purchased and arrives in working order. 80% of configuration is done off-site prior to deployment and installation


Trained technicians ensure all cabling in place and properly tested, installation of equipment and go live.

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Central Monitoring and Management

All of our Wireless Access Points, Network Switches, Firewalls report back to our Control Center. This allows us quick insight into the health and stability of your network.

Project Services

Our network projects start with the initial walkthrough. From there we assess and determine what the best course of action and best implementation will suit your environment.

After we have created a plan of action, we will present our proposal and upon approval start procuring and scheduling installation/implementation dates for your new Wireless Network.

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Work with a company that cares about your business. Northern Technology Services is your partner in effectively growing your business through tech solutions. 

Discover how an optimized network, an improved system, and upgraded infrastructure impact your bottom line.

Ross Whitmore

Founder/President Northern Technology Services

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