Simplified Business Technology Hardware

How do we SIMPLIFY Hardware?

Helping your maximize your investment into the computers, printers, laptops, and other technology hardware your business relies on
Leveraging vendor and distribution relationships. Working with the best brands and manufacturers in the industry.

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Simplified Purchasing

Your business’s investment into the technology and hardware you use is important. Our trusted advisors work with you to ensure that the correct hardware is picked out for the purposes you need it to fulfill. With access to a global distribution chain, and partnerships with industry leading hardware vendors, we are able to provide not only a competitive pricing but provide our quality assurance pre- and post-sale.

Free Up Time

There are only so many hours in a day. Northern Technology Services can help you and your team reclaim those hours. Instead of pulling senior staff, or other members away from their tasks to shop pricing, comparing hardware, and making sure it can be delivered quickly.

Easy to Contact

Can you pick up the phone to call and talk to a prime salesperson? Does the big box geek store take the time to understand your businesses needs? Our team is ready to help you, via phone, Microsoft Teams, email, or in-your-office*to help you with your purchase.


Average Desktop Price Without Custom Configuration


Standardized Hardware Vendors and Brand Lines


National Distribution Centers Across United States and Canada

IT Provider You Can Rely On

Work with a company that cares about your business. Northern Technology Services is your partner in effectively growing your business through tech solutions. 

Discover how an optimized network, an improved system, and upgraded infrastructure impact your bottom line.

Ross Whitmore

Founder/President Northern Technology Services