Simplified Microsoft 365

How do we SIMPLIFY Microsoft 365?

By being your trusted technology advisors, our team is ready to assist you and your staff with their Microsoft 365 Services.
Providing Direct Sales and Support as a Microsoft 365 Partner

Safely Navigate
Microsoft 365 with Northern Technology Services

Without dedicated IT staff, and investing time and additional resources into training. Getting your organization familiar with and elevating your experience with Microsoft 365 can be tricky. Northern Technology Services is your dedicated Microsoft 365 Partner and Resource.

Free Microsoft 365 Business and Your Organization Consultation and Review

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As a registered Microsoft Partner and a Cloud Solutions provider, we are here to assist you with navigating Microsoft’s many solutions. From Microsoft 365, Azure, and Exchange. To SharePoint, and beyond.
Simplifying the support you need, with the level of service you desire. 

Office Anywhere

Solutions starting from just the Office applications your familiar with installing on up to 5 devices, to including things like Office Online, where you can access those great familiar applications from any web browser anywhere. As well as additional features such as Azure Active Directory for single sign-on, Exchange Online email, 1TB  of OneDrive storage, and so much more. 

Email Anywhere

It’s easier than ever to provide your users with the business email they need to stay productive. Give your users an In-Place Archive, so they can keep all their important data in one place. And provide them with anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices. Integration with Outlook means they’ll enjoy a rich, familiar email experience with offline access.

Compute Anywhere

With Azure, we are able to move from on-premise services to virtual machines in the cloud connecting them to your office and even your staff on the go. Some examples would be File Servers, Active Directory Servers, Print Servers, Web Servers, and more. Azure services can also be used for a hybrid solution, to provide a backup for existing on-premise services.

Free Up Time

There are only so many hours in a day. Northern Technology Services can help you and your team reclaim those hours. Instead of pulling senior staff, or other members away, from their tasks to help resolve Microsoft 365 requests our team handles your every need.

Easy to Contact

We are your front line of communication and support. All of our Microsoft 365 related support is triaged, and handled internally by our staff. If required we escalate issues via our distribution channel and backend engineers and work directly with Microsoft Premier Support on your behalf.


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IT Provider You Can Rely On

Work with a company that cares about your business. Northern Technology Services is your partner in effectively growing your business through tech solutions. 

Utilizing Microsoft 365, your business is able to streamline your silos of chaos. Bringing documentation, communication, collaboration, and computing all under one roof. Modernizing the workplace, and setting your business up for success.

Ross Whitmore

Founder/President Northern Technology Services