Work Smarter and Faster With Google Chrome Shortcuts

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Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysDescription
Alt+HomeOpen your homepage.
Alt+Left ArrowBack a page.
Alt+Right ArrowForward a page.
F11Display the current website in full-screen mode. Pressing F11 again will exit this mode.
EscStop loading the page or a download from loading.
Ctrl+(- or +)Zoom in or out of a page, “-” will zoom out and “+” will zoom in on the page.
Ctrl+1-8Pressing Ctrl and any number 1 through 8 moves to the corresponding tab in your tab bar.
Ctrl+9Switch to last tab.
Ctrl+0Reset browser zoom to default.
Ctrl+EnterThis combination is used to quickly complete an address. For example, type “ntsmanaged” in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter to get
Ctrl+Shift+DelOpen the Clear browsing data window to quickly clear private data.
Ctrl+Shift+BToggle the Bookmarks bar between hidden and shown.
Ctrl+ASelect everything on a page.
Ctrl+DAdd a Bookmark for the page currently opened.
Ctrl+FOpen the “Find” bar to search text on the current page.
Ctrl+OOpen a file in the browser.
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen the Bookmark manager.
Ctrl+HOpen browser history in a new tab.
Ctrl+JDisplay the downloads window.
Ctrl+K or Ctrl+EMoves your text cursor to the Omnibox so that you can begin typing your search query and perform a Google search.
Ctrl+LMove the cursor to the browser address bar and highlight everything in it.
Ctrl+NOpen New browser window.
Ctrl+Shift+NOpen a new window in Incognito (Private) Mode.
Ctrl+PPrint current page or frame.
Ctrl+R or F5Refresh the current page or frame.
Ctrl+SOpens the Save As window to save the current page.
Ctrl+TOpens a new tab.
Ctrl+UView a web page’s source code.
Ctrl+WCloses the currently selected tab.
Ctrl+Shift+WCloses the currently selected window.
Ctrl+Shift+TThis combination reopens the last tab you’ve closed. If you’ve closed multiple tabs, you can press this shortcut key multiple times to restore each of the closed tabs.
Ctrl+TabMoves through each of the open tabs going to the right. ->
Ctrl+Shift+TabMoves through each of the open tabs going to the left. <-
Ctrl+Left-clickOpen a link in a new tab in the background.
Ctrl+Shift Left-clickOpen a link in a new tab and switch to the new tab.
Ctrl+Page DownOpen the browser tab to the right. ->
Ctrl+Page UpOpen the browser tab to the left. <-
SpacebarMoves down a page at a time.
Shift+SpacebarMoves up a page at a time.
HomeGo to top of page.
EndGo to bottom of page.
Alt+Down ArrowDisplay all previous text entered in a text box and available options on a Drop-Down Menu.