Using Cortana With Chrome Instead of Bing

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If you like the voice recognition/commands and quick search features of Cortana on Windows 10 but you aren’t a fan of Bing or Microsoft Edge, there is a workaround for you. Using Google Chrome as your default browser you can download some very useful apps from the Chrome App Store.

Lets get the app that lets you link Cortana from Bing to Google

  • Open Chrome and download “ChromeTana” from the Chrome App Store
  • Now, when you perform a Windows 10 search, Chrome will boot up and take you through to a Google search. Thankfully, you don’t lose any standard Cortana or device search functions by doing this, either
  • It is also worth mentioning that the “ChromeTana” extension will always redirect Bing to Google, even if you manually pull up in your browser.
1. Go to Chrome Settings
2. Click "Show Advanced Settings"
3. Scroll down to System
4. Check "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed"
  • Most importantly i will reiterate that you MUST have Google Chrome set to your default browser.