Tips For Your Office Copier

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Here are some hopefully helpful tips for your Copying machine

1.Let It Warm-UP

If you turn off your copier after hours every night or on the weekends your copier needs to warm-up when turned back on. Just like you may need a cup of joe to get going in the morning your copier when turned back on, from an extended period of being powered down, it needs to go through its warm-up calibration process. Remember, repeatedly hitting the “copy” button will not speed the process. Allow the calibration mode to finish its important work.

2.Clean The Glass

When making copies of documents does your paper come out with streaks or small specks on the sheet? The glass on your sheet may not be clean and may be copying debris as well as your document. How to clean your copier glass is pretty simple but there are wrong ways to do it. first get a cloth and some glass cleaner. spray the cleaner on the cloth NOT on the glass itself. Wipe down the area until satisfied then with a DRY cloth wipe off any residue. Then if necessary use i micro fiber cloth to get rid of any last very fine particles on the glass. now that its clean proceed to smudge free copying.

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3.Have A Maintenance Schedule

Another idea to reduce downtime related to a broken copy machine is to schedule regular maintenance. Whether you are leasing your copy machine or you have purchased it, most manufacturers recommend regular maintenance service. The frequency that these services are recommended may vary, and some leases may include periodic maintenance service. However, even when it is included in a lease, you may still need to contact the service provider to set up service. Research the maintenance recommendation for your equipment, and set automated reminders so that you remember to request the service you need.