Temp Files: Why/How to Clear Them Out

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What are temp files? Temp files are files created to hold information temporarily while a file is being created for a specific program or application. After the program or application has been closed, the temporary files usually get deleted. Sometime this doesn’t always happen for a plethora of reasons. Temp files don’t necessarily directly harm your computer, however they do take up space and can slow your load times down if there is a lot of them.

Is it ok to delete temp files? yes, its in the name “temporary” they are not intended to stay on your computer forever.

How to go about deleting temp files

  • In Windows 10 type “Disk Cleanup” into the search bar. (minus the quotations)
  • Now you simply check the files you wish to preform a Cleanup on and click the Clean up system files button with the shield on it
  • If you are not sure what each file selection is there is a handy Description for each one