Microsoft Office: Troubleshooting

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Throughout all the programs Microsoft Office offers there will be problems. Now weather it is user error or an issue that occurs within the program being used remains to be seen. Microsoft offers a wide selection of troubleshooting issues and FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Click HERE to go to there Troubleshooting page and from there we can help you navigate it to get an answer for whatever issue you may be having.

once youre at this page we can get started

first what program are you having an issue with? (excel, word, access, powerpoint ect.) select the program you are using on the left side of the screen. we are going to use Excel as an example. Click the arrow and a list of common problems will be available to scroll through.

once you’ve scrolled through the list of common problems and found the one that matches your issue at hand, just follow the directions Microsoft provides.