How to Cancel a Meeting in Outlook

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Cancel a Meeting

The only person that can cancel a meeting is the person who sent the meeting request. When a meeting is canceled, the meeting is removed from your calendar and any attachments to the meeting invitation are deleted in Outlook.

To cancel a meeting and remove it from the calendar in the Outlook desktop app:

Go to the View Switcher and select Calendar

Outlook 2019 showing the View Switcher to access the Outlook Calendar

Find the meeting on the calendar and double-click the meeting.

The Outlook calendar showing scheduled meetings

In the meeting invitation, go to the Meeting tab and select Cancel Meeting. The meeting invitation changes to a meeting cancellation.

The Outlook meeting cancellation message

In the meeting cancellation, enter a message explaining the reason why the meeting was canceled.

Select Send Cancellation.

The Outlook Calendar meeting cancellation message showing a canceled meeting

The meeting is removed from the calendar and the attendees receive an email message about the cancellation.