Google Chrome: Making Bookmarks And Where To Find Them

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If you have web pages that you use all the time, bookmark them! Don’t want to forget that cookie recipe you found while googling, Bookmark it! ok so Google Chrome has made things pretty easy for us in the way of Bookmarking pages.

First thing we need is…. What page do you want to save? type the address into the address bar. If you don’t know it google the page you want and click on the link.

Next click the little star at the end of the address bar and save your page.

Your new Bookmark will pop up here.

If your bookmark did not show up then we need to turn on the bookmark bar to make them easy to access. This is super easy to do. While Google Chrome is open click the “more” button in the top right of your browser. Then click Bookmarks, and lastly click Show Bookmarks Bar. Alternatively you can use a shortcut key combination Ctrl+Shift+B

To remove bookmarks you do not want or need anymore just Right Click on them in the shortcut bar and Click Delete. If you like to use Shortcut Keys Combinations for Google Chrome and would like to have a handy list click HERE.