Hire Northern Technology Services for Expert IT Solutions


Ad-Hoc Support: Are you needing help with a small project? Cleaning up things around the office? Not quite ready to jump into a service agreement? We do offer as-needed support, or as we call it in the industry Break/Fix. In order to get started we do require a 4-Hour Pre Pay Time Block. This allows us to start working on your troubles without interruption. Block time is available on your account for future needs up to 1yr.

Project Services: Are you wanting to accomplish an IT project? Start today by giving us a call to review your needs. Depending on the size/scale of the project we may require a Time-Block for retainer so we can properly create the best solution possible.

On-Going Support: With our Managed IT Services, we become your dedicated IT Partner. Always just a phone call or email way to help you resolve any issues that arise. We also implement our dedicated security stack and ever evolving best practices and maintenance into your business technology. Mitigating the risks, and downtime, in a goal to help keep your business running as smoothly as possible!

Warranty – Due to the nature of the work that we perform, there is no warranty on hourly work. Each hour that we work is billable regardless of the outcome of said work. While we will make recommendations on the level of effort required to implement a solution or fix an issue, it is up to you to let us know if there is a cap on the number of hours we spend per engagement.

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