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By being your trusted technology advisors, our team utilizes the right tools and knowledge in order to protect and prevent data loss and security breaches.
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Desktop and Laptop Security with Northern Technology Services

Without dedicated IT staff and investing time and additional resources into training. Getting your organization familiar with and implementing the correct security and data protection can be overwhelming. Northern Technology Services is your dedicated IT Technology provider ready to help keep your business protected.

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Average SMB Loss Due to Cyber Attacks

6300 +

Average Cyber Attacks Against SMB’s a Day


Ransomware Attacks Target SMB’s

IT Provider You Can Rely On

Work with a company that cares about your business. Northern Technology Services is your partner in effectively growing your business through tech solutions. 

Most businesses that become a victim of a cyber-attacks are usually not implementing the proper tools, maintenance or training. Cyber Attacks are 99% preventable as long as everyone does their part. I want every business owner and executive to be able to sleep at night without fear of a cyber-attack.

Ross Whitmore

Founder/President Northern Technology Services

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